Sam Turned 1

sam turned

Sam Turned 1

So last week our little Sam turned 1. I know it’s a cliché and everyone says it, but I can’t quite believe he’s the big 1 already. He is still so mini (unlike his big brother who looked about 3 on his first birthday!) and still seems very much like a baby despite him now walking, starting to talk and not staying still for a single solitary second.

As I have written about in a previous blog (Sibling Bonding) before Sam was born, Finn made it abundantly clear that he did not want a baby, be it a brother or sister. However, the minute they met and for the past year, Finn’s love for Sam has grown and grown and is unbreakable.  His love for his baby brother radiates from him.  Sam hasn’t been an easy baby with his reflux and general love of being sick all day every day and his new passion for screaming really loud…a lot!  We have asked Finn “shall we send him back” or “shall we swap him” and Finn always gets a bit cross with us for saying it and very clearly says no.  Sam’s love for Finn is precious. He only has to look at him and he breaks into smiles, laughter and his eyes light up.  I am sure this bond will weaken at times, when Finn is 12 and Sam 6 and all Sam wants is for Finn to play superheroes, board games and generally hang on every word he says but for now it is precious and amazing to watch.

Sam didn’t half lead us into a false sense of security.  He was an absolute angel as a newborn. He barely cried, was so chilled out and was just so easy!  Notice I used the word ‘was’…this has all changed the older he is getting.  He still doesn’t sleep through the night, unlike Finn who slept through at 9 weeks! Sam still wakes at least once a night (he ranges from once to 5/6 times a night!!) We haven’t had a full night’s sleep in a whole year, we look like we have aged a decade in just 365 days!

Being a lactose, gluten and wheat intolerant (I know!!) oh and a reflux baby has meant that Sam has been a complicated little one. The lactose free milk with carobel was fine and worked a treat up until 6 months until we had to start introducing solids, this is when he became a screamy little thing.  The gluten and wheat intolerance came to light and so we have had to be so careful what we have been giving him. We had to keep trying him with different things to see what his triggers were. We were told it would be something that he would grow out of and thankfully he has already begun to. This has all meant lots of crying with tummy pain, sick (from reflux and intolerance…we’ve basically lived with no sleep + sick for a year now…not a good combination!)

For the past month he has become an impatient little boy.  I’m not sure if this is down to Finn always being there to help him, get him things and play with him but he has developed this ridiculously loud screech that pierces our ears!  If he can’t do something we all hear about it!  Our poor neighbours must think we have a daily scream off! He can be such a happy little smiley boy and everyone always comments on his happiness and how his smile is infectious, which is lovely and I am so glad people get to see that side of him as no one believes me when I tell them how he can be but I do wish he would chill the heck out sometimes and just sleep, even for one night, just one!!

Finn was always dressed in such gorgeous clothes.  He always had a better wardrobe than me! The poor thing must have been so uncomfortable though as they weren’t the most practical or comfortable looking but he looked great and so I thought it was OK!  With Sam, I’m different.  Sam wears practical, comfy clothes that he can crawl and walk in with ease and comfort. His clothes are lovely and bright and completely different to what I would have ever picked for Finn. My mum always jokes (well…I think she is joking!!) that Sam looks a bit of a scruff compared to how Finn used to look. I see what she means though., it’s not that he’s scruffy (honestly!) it’s that he has got comfy clothes on (usually leggings of some sort) that aren’t tight and fitted, they are loose and baggy and perfect for crawling, walking and generally getting filthy.  His crazy wavy hair doesn’t help him much either!

For the past year, Sam has certainly turned our worlds, sleep, living room and everything in between upside-down this past year.  He has brought us some new friends, lots of sick, sleepless nights, screams, love, laughter and has made Finn the best big brother imaginable. His smile and laughter have brightened up our lives and now his cheeky personality is starting to flourish, I can’t wait to see what the next year brings.

Happy birthday Sammy pants!