About us at Finn and Sam

Hi, my name is Lucie and I am the founder of Finn and Sam.

I have been dreaming of starting my own baby business since the birth of my first son, Finn, six years ago.  I would often talk about the gorgeous colourful items I would stock and how the site would look.  However back to teaching I went and the dream stayed just that.

6 years later and during a 2.30am feed with my second son Sam, I decided now was the time to turn my dream into a reality.  I was on maternity leave from teaching and so I thought what better time!  I only had a new baby to look after!  How hard could it be!  So, at 3am I composed my very first ‘business’ email contacting brands of baby products that I had been using since having Finn.  Since starting my adventure into motherhood I have used many different products and have become very passionate about some of them. It is these products and brands that I am focusing on selling on Finn and Sam.

Finn and Sam brings together beautiful brands, most who focus on producing organic and responsibly sourced baby clothes, accessories, shoes and changing bags whilst maintaining comfort, individual style and amazing colour.  As I have used the products and brands, I am able to offer advice and recommendations about each one.  Products have been sourced from small independent British businesses (a lot started up by mums on maternity leave like myself!) to larger companies across the world.  I love my boys to look individual and colourful and this has inspired the ranges I have stocked. I hope you love them all as much as Finn, Sam and I do.

With love,

Lucie xx