Exercise…don’t exercise…it’s your call!


Exercise…don’t exercise…it’s your call!

The Me Before Sam

Before having Finn, I wasn’t overly fussed about exercise.  I would occasionally go on mad sprees of keeping fit which would soon dwindle out.  I always told myself that walking the dog every day was good enough exercise for me!

When Finn started going to playgroup two mornings a week, my friend and I thought we would give the whole exercise thing a go.  I had never really done a proper exercise class before and so we thought together we would be more likely to turn up!  It was in a January, after the usual Christmas indulge, we started and oh my word – the pain after that first class was something else.  I never thought pain that bad would be possible from doing something good!  If this was good for me then I didn’t want to be a part of it.  However, I was made to carry on! Eventually the pain got less (it took a lot longer than people kept telling me it would, I think I hurt every session for about 2 months!)  It was my bum that hurt the most – I didn’t even realise then that I could exercise my bum!

We kept up the exercise all year, twice a week.  Even through the holidays we managed to sort the kids out and we turned up eager and ready every Tuesday and Thursday.  We eventually fell in love with the whole idea of fitness and our healthy eating went along well with it.  We were in the best shape we had ever been!

When I got pregnant with Sam, unfortunately it all stopped.  The classes became too much, and the enthusiasm wasn’t there anymore.  Plus, work had changed for us both so we both couldn’t always make it every week.  I missed our little weekly regime and missed how good it made me feel.

The Me After Sam

After having Sam, I was eager to feel healthy and well again, for me it was important.  Not how I looked or what others thought of how I looked but that feeling of health and wellbeing.  So, when Sam was 9 weeks, in January this year, my friend and I were back.  I would like to say with a vengeance, but that would be a lie!!  We don’t seem to have the same love or enthusiasm as we did but we enjoy the feeling it gives us along with the healthy food we try and eat too.  People said I was crazy for going back so soon after having a c section, but I had had my 8-week check and I felt well.  I haven’t done it to lose weight or change myself I have done it to feel good about myself, to feel healthy and to get that buzz you feel after exercising (despite the initial pain and inability to walk!)  Also, we have a good laugh in the classes (we are not meant to and actually got told off in bums and tums for talking too much and laughing too loudly…apparently, we were a distraction to others…whoops!!!)  It gets me out of the house doing something good twice a week.  I am very lucky that our local Leisure Centre has a creche, with two lovely ladies running it, where Sam goes for the hour, without it I wouldn’t be able to do anything.

Pressure & Opinions on Exercise

I feel like there is so much pressure and opinions on exercise after having a baby.  There are people who say you should get back to it instantly and if you are not your pre-baby weight in four weeks then something is wrong with you.  Then there are people with the opinion that if you do anything within the first 6 months you are doing it too soon, they judge you getting back to fitness and getting out of the house for a 9.30am class.  My opinion and thought (not that it matters!) is that it is up to you!  You do what is right for you.  If you want to exercise straight away, go for it!  If you never did and never will exercise, go you too!  It is your body, your baby and your life to choose what you do and when you do it.  Ignore people with either opinion and you stick with what is right for you, no one knows you better than you!